CHIASM is an industrial-influenced electronic solo music project created by Emileigh Rohn in 1997.
Her music is self-written, programmed, performed and produced in her Michigan-located studio, the MausHaus.
The name Chiasm (pronounced as the greek letter X, /kai/, rhyming with sky, then "asm")
was chosen in reference to the optic chiasm, a neuronal brain structure shaped as an “X”
in dedication to her full-time career in science.

Emileigh self-released her first demo album, “Embryonic” in 1998 and was discovered by COP International
records in 1999, who have released her material since then.
She has contributed to several compilation releases on multiple labels and performed dozens of shows
in the early 2000s. These were alongside well-known industrial acts as well as the Detroit Electronica Coalition,
who encouraged her to collaborate with other artists for a variety of works and has continued to do so.

Fans of Chiasm may have discovered her through the inclusion of her song, "Isolated",
as featured on the album "Disorder" (2001), on the Vampire the Masquerade, "Bloodlines" PC game
or in the Navy:NCIS episode, "Marine Down".

Continuing albums include the Chiasm vs. TL5 remix collection, “Divided We Fall” (2003),
"Relapse" (2005), “Prefrontal” (EP 2006), "Reform" (2008), "Apple Island" (EP 2009),
"Obligatory" (EP 2012), “11:11” (2012), "Mice On A Wheel" (EP 2017) “In Hiding” (EP 2018),
and most recently “Reset” (2019).

The full collection can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and COP International.

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