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CHIASM Song Project: Draw A House

Thank you to everyone who contributed drawings to the "Draw A House" song project!
There is a song on the new album, "11:11", inspired by your pictures! Your participation made all the difference. :)

What is the "Draw A House" song project? Here's how it went:

I have a new project for you!

So from my college days, I always recall in Child Psychology how they said they would ask children in kindergarten to draw a house in effort to create a personality profile of them that tends to have consistency throughout their lifetime. I do remember drawing a house in first grade, and felt that I had been betrayed by my teacher for not exposing the task's true intention!

But now, often, while in lyric-writing mode ( i prefer unlined blank paper journals), I find myself doodling when at loss for words, and at times draw a house in effort to analyze what I'm really trying to say.. however the house is nearly always the same. Perhaps they were right about the house in kindergarten.

So my project for you, with full exposure, is to draw a house. Draw the house not that you may live in, or that you've seen, but the house that represents who you are. It doesn't have to be an architects rendering, just a .jpg in paint or scanned in crayon, a simple depiction of the house that is you, and send it to my email:

I will be writing a song inspired by your houses for my next album, 11:11.

The images will hopefully be either used as some artwork for the album, or at the very least, posted here at:

Thank you so much for your inspiration, and have fun!


my house drawing!

Your drawings:

A House Poem by Entropy Tango: My house has eight rooms I have four above And far Below Four more I named them After the seasons I call them Clinging Fire & Lightning Thunder Heaven Earth At the bottom is the pit Abysmal Where I dump the rubbish Or Somewhere I find time for myself Mountain Wind and Joy Sees clearly In the moment They say too much fire in the soul Is a bad thing Too much Thunder over water So I will be receptive and listen To the Dragons flying by my window Roll over my clouds, to lightning Clinging on to fire Overjoyed. As the four winds blow to Four quarters of the earth Four Tiles Chosen Four hands played And Won and Lost Four Pennants waving At the foot of mountains Letting the abyss pass away Into the past where it belongs
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