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is from Detroit, MI, and was created by Emileigh Rohn in 1997.
(pronounced as the greek letter X, /kai/, rhyming with sky, then "asm")

All of her music is self-written, programmed, performed and produced in her studio, the MausHaus.
The project was named after the optic chiasm, a neuronal brain structure shaped as an "X",
in dedication to the crossing over of disciplines she experiences, specifically art and science.
She self-released her first demo album, "Embryonic" in 1998.

COP International records signed CHIASM in 1999, debuting on the prestigious female-fronted compilation album
Diva X Machina vol. 3 with the self-titled track, "Chiasm". Many additional compilation releases
and performances followed in collaboration with the Detroit Electronica Coalition.

The first widely available full-length album "Disorder" was released in 2001, and it continues
to receive worldwide acclaim. The remix album with labelmate TL5, "Divided We Fall", followed in 2003,
and then the continuing CHIASM albums "Relapse" in 2005, and "Reform" in 2008,
with the popular digital EPs "Prefrontal"(2006), "Apple Island"(2009), and "Obligatory"(2012).

Chiasm has played many live shows both headlining and with well-known industrial acts
in the midwest United States and Canada. She has collaborated with other artists in the genre
providing vocals, lyrics, and remixes available on their albums, EPs and additional compilations.

Her fourth full-length solo album, "11:11" was released in 2012 on COP International records.
The name "11:11" is in itself a mirror-image numerical "chiasm" chosen in reference to the time of day.
This 11 song album continues her journey of self-exploration with a dark pulsating grasp on reality,
incorporating her imaginative mind with her scientific background for an emotionally captivating musical experience.

Fans of Chiasm may have discovered her through the inclusion of her song, "Isolated",
available on the 2001 debut album "Disorder", on the Vampire the Masquerade, "Bloodlines" PC game
or in the Navy:NCIS episode, "Marine Down". She keeps in touch with her fans with frequent updates
and videos on her official Facebook page and her official website:,
and incorporates fan contributions in song projects such as "Draw A House"
(song also featured on "11:11") and the current/future song project, "Evil Mad Libs".

Chiasm is currently working on writing new songs and creating videos for future releases.
Her music is available through distributors including iTunes, Amazon, and COP International.

copyright 2013 CHIASM, all rights reserved.