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Chiasm has finished recording 12 new tracks for the full-length album "Reset" to be released on COP International records!!
I am also working on a bunch of self-remixes, remixes for others, and new material as well!

The 7-track digital EP, "Mice On A Wheel", including remixes from :10: and Acclimate is now available on Bandcamp, iTunes and!

1) Mice On A Wheel 2) Mice On A Second Wheel 3) Mice On A Third Wheel
4) World Left 5) Make Believe 6) World Left (:10: remix) 7) Make Believe (Acclimate remix)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the related Evil Mad Libs song project!
The song, "Mice On A Wheel", is the result of your one-word responses from all over the globe!
Check out the lyrics on the page at the link above. :)

The Chiasm remix of Acclimate's "Nothing To Mend" is now released on Samboy Get Help! Records!:)
Also, Chiasm has just contributed vocals to the track "Waiting and Fading" now available on Dark Instance's album In The End.

CHIASM - "11:11" is available on iTunes,, or through COP International records!
1.Petals 2.Angry Tree 3.I Want Some More 4.The Sea 5.Hideaway
6.So Lost 7.Draw A House 8.Answer In My Mind 9.Reliance 10.Obligatory 11.Space!

Check out the new interviews with Carpe Nocturne, Dark Italia, and the great reviews here!

The 11:11 track, "Petals", was in the top 15 of the GEWC for 5 weeks!
The collaborative track "What If" by DYM/Chiasm
is now available on Amazon.

There's a new video available on YouTube by animation artist Tymoteusz Sulek
for the song "Petals" off the 11:11 album, and don't miss the video for "Phobic" (off Relapse) also!

Random news and info can be found on Chiasm's Facebook page!

Previous fan-inspired song projects include: Draw A House! :)
The song is now available on the "11:11" album.

Keep in touch! Email me at

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