Orkus Magazine July 2005

Hello, just tell me something about you. When did all start?

My musical project was started in 1997 while in grad school. I began to see conflicts of interest within myself, feeling more of the academic pressures to follow certain paths which I felt the need to diverge from. It was also the first time in my life I was unable to take some creative courses to balance out my schedule, so I basically created my own, and it became an obsession.

Why do you make electronic music?

I write music as a creative outlet from my work. My dayjob is as a molecular biologist which can sometimes be frustrating, and the music offers me some emotional release from that. I also find that especially with electronic music it's easier to experiment a bit more than with other styles, so it caters to the scientist in me.

What are the songs about? Are they autobiographical?

The songs are all very personal to me and tap into my introverted senses. The lyrics aren't always specifically about me, but certainly about my emotions and experiences. A lot of it is related to my laboratory work, or people I have met along the way.

What does the name Chiasm mean?

I was studying neurobiology when I came up with the name, and it's in reference to the optic chiasm, a group of neurons in the brain in the shape of an X, responsible for our ability to have continous and peripheral vision between our two eyes. It's also referred to as a point of crossing over, also in chromosomal meiosis, as well as a literary term for word clusters that merge in and out of each other. The greek letter X, or Chi, is responsible for this naming. I also found it interesting as a term in reference to a life path, an emotional point of crossing over as well, which I found appropriate in the circumstances.

The two bonus tracks are remixes. How did you get the connections to Zentriert Ins Antlitz and TL5?

They are both labelmates on COP International records, and I also released a remix album with TL5 in 2003 titled "Divided We Fall". I'm really impressed with both the remixes and hope I have the opportunity to work with them again!

Are there reactions also from Europe?

Absolutely, especially from Finland, Germany, and the UK..also quite a bit of reaction from Australia, so it seems I may need to consider visiting overseas sometime in the near future!

Thank you for the interview and all your best for your career.

Thank you! And you can always keep updated through my website, www.chiasm.org! I appreciate your support! -Emileigh