French Fanzine: Orpheus

Can you explain what Chiasm means ?
I chose the name Chiasm for my project after the optic chiasm, a neuronal structure in the brain, shaped like an X, (named after the Greek letter “chi”), that crosses over and allows us to have continuous and peripheral vision between our eyes. I studied neurobiology in grad school, so it was a way of combining my current studies with music, also with a philosophical meaning. At the time the project started, I felt I was in a turning point of my life, also a point of crossing over for a new beginning.

What are your influences?
Life is my main influence in writing music. I use it as an emotional outlet for my frustrations, and it helps me to sort out my thoughts as well, almost as a form of therapy. I learn a lot about myself while I’m writing. Musically, I listened to a lot of Einsturzende Neubauten, Skinny Puppy, Leather Strip, Das Ich, and Project Pitchfork while in school, so I’m sure it has affected my sound somewhat, but I try to maintain my own style as well.

Do you think that you will do other projects, but not in solo?
I am currently working on a side project with labelmate Louis Diaz, a.k.a. “TL5”, called BioMod, which is more trance oriented with ethereal vocals, but we still work separately in our studios. I’m always open to collaboration with other artists, but I enjoy the process of working alone.

Do you need a special state to compose your songs?
Yes, I think I do. I’m still not sure what that state is, but I know when it hits me. Sometimes I’m very inspired and motivated to compose, other times not. Unfortunately, I’m not always in the studio when it happens, so I try to document all I can until I can get home to record. Long weekends work best; I like to take my time at it. And it’s certainly best done without distractions. My cat likes to sit on my lap while I’m at the keyboard; maybe she’s a good luck charm.

What are your futur projects?
Well, I’m currently working on a new full-length album, tentatively titled “Emerge”. I’m also finishing up a virtual single titled “Prefrontal” which will be available on iTunes in the coming months. And I’m due for some collaboration with labelmates Soil & Eclipse for their new single, "Grace", as well. Other than that, I'll just keep writing and see what comes out of me.

What is your favorite activity (outside music)?
I’m a molecular scientist as my day job, so I spend the bulk of my time in a laboratory. I also like to wander on trails in the forest. There's a neat park nearby with a river that flows through it I visit frequently. And I like cooking, and word puzzles, and other introverted stuff. I’m on Myspace a lot, and enjoy going to the clubs for a good laugh.

How is the underground wave in the States?
Well, I haven’t traveled too much outside the Midwest recently, but the crowd is pretty steady in Detroit. They seem to follow the trends but at least keep an open mind about it. There are tons of musicians out here, so there’s plenty of experimenting with new styles, which I find entertaining. We get some good shows coming through as well, so it really refreshes the scene to see an impressive act on stage.

A few words for your fans…? I love you!


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