"What Kate Bush is to pop culture, Chiasm is to electronic music" - Zillo

If you want just another electro-pop album with 4 on the floor and the typical song structure, look elsewhere,
because here you have some truly great talent and creativity to enjoy! 5/5 -Gothic Paradise

"The often dismal character of the Motor City is known for inspiring a host of instrumental techno artists,
but Chiasm (Emileigh Rohn) chooses to express her angst through very intimate and intense audio exorcisms
that juxtapose her ethereal, haunting vocals and confrontational snarls with murky, minimalist industrial sounds.
Disorder, her debut release, makes an immediate impression, displaying an honest tenderness
despite its tough and tense musicality. From the murky title track to the kinetic, confrontational 'Fight'
or the lonely, longing 'Formula', Disorder is a revealing audio diary full of electro energy and honest emotion
that gives the idea of 'girl power' a whole new spin." - CMJ

"Emileigh doesn't make tracks, she makes true music masterpieces" -- Ashes Magazine

Chiasm started out as an industrial project, but has transcended the genre and moved into the realm of electronica.
Reform is a beautiful mix of cutting-edge beats and bleeps mixed with a deeply emotional sense of humanity.
This striking combination has been embraced by a worldwide fan base that is eagerly awaiting Emileigh Rohn's new album.
Her current video "Someone" has had more than 6,500 views on YouTube in less than three months.
If you are looking for deeply original work with a charming sense of quirkiness and delicacy, look no further--
Emileigh Rohn will mesmerize you! -COP International

"Emileigh Rohn's voice is somewhere between Bjork and kaRIN of Collide--soothing in sound and yet jarring in message."
- Outburn Magazine

Chiasm (aka Emileigh Rohn) has really done it here with her new cd masterpiece, "Relapse".
Each track on the disc is worth listening to without skipping. Emileigh delivers another power punch album
that's very emotional, simply wonderful, abroad, and catchy melodies, driving synths and samples. -Chain D.L.K.

"Emileigh Rohn's music is one of the often overlooked treasures of the dark electro/industrial genre."
-- LiarSociety

The ghost haunting a machine vibe of this album makes for a unique and darkly enjoyable experience.
With vocals alternately floating, crooning or hissing alongside the distinctly mechanical mixture of electronic drums,
pulsing synths and occasional dialogue sample this is one of those banshee albums that sucks you in
and won't let go until it ends. -Chain D.L.K.

The remixes are also really fabulous. Lots of noises and extra beats, awesome dance songs as well.
Images is a standout cut. Chiasm shows her songwriting strengths on this cd as well as a remixer.
- Jules Cohen (Grave Concerns)

I think the unaffected classically styled piano may be a hallmark of Chiasm's style.
The piano surfaces across all five songs. It adds a sense of instant depth, the crossing of the decaying
and futuristic synths and the cleanly played piano, and it offers the ears a break from swimming through
the oppressive synthetic atmospheres Chiasm is so intent to weave. - Legends Magazine

The voice was like a magnet, an angel crying to be heard, begging and pleading.
Struggling to get closer to the mesmerizing voice, he frantically dug at the earth with his hands
and began to claw his way deeper. -Etch Magazine

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